Turmeric Capsules and Arthritis

Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Bomb
Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Bomb

I absolutely love that I’m the first person my 92 year old grandma calls when she has health issues. Struggling with arthritis in her hands, she’s asked for some pain relief. Using all organic ingredients, I mixed up some capsules for her that have turmeric powder, hemp protein, coconut oil and black pepper. I spent about 1.5 hours syringing them into veggie capsules for her. 
Turmeric powder is rich in curcuminoids, which is noted for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The black pepper and coconut oil are really important for creating bioactivity, which essentially means you’re getting more of the good stuff from what you’re consuming. Hemp protein isn’t yet legal to be sold for consumption in Australia, so please don’t take this as a recommendation for this. I’ve popped it into the combination because I know my Granny dear doesn’t eat enough, and even a little extra protein will help.
On the advice of a vet friend, I also give these to the furry members of my family.

To read more about the effects of turmeric on arthritis check out this link  

I’d love to know what your favourite home remedies are.

Peace, love and health,
Mandah xo

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