Have You Had A Tune Up Lately?

Have You Had A Tune Up Lately?

My partner often jokes that he’s been fortunate enough to own a Ferrari, Porsche and Maserati, but I’m his Lamborghini – because I have a heart that roars, a curvy rear end, will cost him his wallet and have stolen his heart and soul.

Now, I know it’s only a joke, but it got me thinking about how we treat beautiful things like fancy sports cars.  You don’t see Lamborghinis driving down the street covered in mud, shabby paint, thick smoke and fumes pouring out of the exhaust, because if you have such an amazing piece of machinery you’re going to want to look after it.  You would spare no expense on servicing, use only the best quality oil and fuel and ensure that she received the best treatment.  Your Lamborghini would be polished, and while you might floor it (it is a race car after all), you would still treat it with care.

So why is it that we treat our bodies with any less respect than we would give a Lamborghini?  Why do we expect to put nasty fuel into our body and then seem surprised when we don’t achieve peak performance?  Why do we wonder why things are starting to fall apart when we skimp on servicing?  Our bodies are some of the most amazing equipment, yet we so often treat them with enormous disrespect.  You are worth so much more than a $500k+ car, so here’s your reminder to start treating yourself like you’re a finely crafted Italian race car that’s just been driven off the showroom floor.

Vroom vroom xo

Peace, love and wellness,  Mandah xo

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