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Have you ever noticed how many people take ownership of their health issues? Time after time I meet people who talk about things like “my arthritis”, “my diabetes”, or “my asthma”. As a kid I thought my parents were really weird (ok, so nothing has changed there!) when we used to sing a silly song our nanny taught us with the line “my eyes are dim, I cannot see” and my parents encouraged us to change it to “my eyes are fine, I clearly see”.

It may seem picky to change a small detail in what was just some silly fun, but now as an adult and a practitioner I see the value in this. Words are powerful and I really believe that when we take ownership of our health issues, we are accepting them.
I dont know about you, but I don’t want any health issues hanging around!!

I shared recently about having alopecia and I too have been guilty of owning health issues in the past. I have made an effort to be mindful of this. Instead of saying “my alopecia”, I changed it to just “alopecia”. I even took it as far as saying “my hair is growing”, when there was absolutely no sign of improvement…yet. 

As shared in my previous post, my hair grew back, despite experts telling me it wouldn’t. Mindfulness and a great nutritional programme were key.
The thing about nutrition, which differs greatly to current medical practice, is that we treat the WHOLE person. This means actively restoring balance to the mind, body and soul, because if one of these is experiencing an imbalance, the others will too.

I encourage everyone with any health issues to stop owning your condition and to start distancing yourself from it. It may very well be the first step in your journey to health.


Peace, love and health,

Mandah xo

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