Dandelion Radikia with a Twist

Dandelion Radikia with a Twist

Weed or tasty treat?

I’m sure my neighbours think I’m a little nutty for always allowing my grass to grow a little longer so our dandelions sprout flowers for the bees. The dandelions aren’t just great for bees though, they’re great for us!
Many cultures, such as Greek, have been eating dandelions for centuries. 
Dandelions are a rich source of calcium, vitamin A and vitamin K, are a great source of fibre, packed full of wonderful antioxidants, and are excellent at aiding digestion.

Who would have thought this humble little weed was such a nutritional powerhouse?

There are many ways to prepare and eat your bitters, so here’s how I prepared mine today, a spin on traditional Greek Radikia.

Select young leaves (before they have flowered, toward the centre of the plant -Leave the rough leaves and go for the smoother ones and rinse well. The young leaves and more tender and less bitter. 

In a hot pan, brown off some onion and garlic in olive oil.
Add the leaves and diced tomatoes, with salt and pepper and allow to simmer.
Once they leaves are cooked until tender, add some pinenuts and stir through.

Serve with lemon drizzled on top.

dandelion radikia


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