Gluten Belly

gluten belly

No, I’m not pregnant, this is what gluten does to me. I get so tired of hearing people rag on those of us who choose to eat gluten free despite not being coeliac. Coeliac Disease isn’t the only way people react to gluten, many of us experience bloating, gas, cramps, irregular bowel function, lethargy, headaches, congestion, inflammatory conditions and more. It’s a very real thing. Today I chose to enjoy some bread with the full knowledge that id be paying for it later, hence why I predominantly follow a GF WOE. 

Did you know that Australian wheat has some of the highest gluten content in the world? No wonder sensitivities are so prevalent here!
It’s amazing how much one simple thing in your diet can have such a profound impact on your general wellbeing.

Peace, love and health,

Mandah xo