Never judge a book, or a snack, by its cover…

food labels

Confused by food labelling?

Sugar free, no added sugar, natural sugar…. what does this all mean? Understanding food labelling can be confusing, and besides, who has the time to try and decipher them?

Watch our video below to learn all the tricks used by manufacturers, and how you can recognise them.

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Let’s Talk About Mental Health

managing anxiety and depression

Managing anxiety and depression can be tough! And while mental health affects approximately 25% of the population, it’s still something that many people struggle to talk about.  It can leave you feeling isolated and alone.

Not everyone wants to take medication, or sometimes it simply isn’t enough and you still find yourself struggling.  In this video you’ll learn some practical tips to use at home and discover how diet can help support your journey to wellness.

So join us for some real talk about mental health and practical tips for managing depression and anxiety. Because you don’t have to do this alone…

And if you’re experiencing mental health issues, be sure to check out support networks such as Beyond Blue and Life Line.

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